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Hello I’m Teresa (Te-reh-sa) Holmes.

I am the Owner and Chief Solutions Architect for Exponential Endeavors.
I am a problem solver!

Exponential Endeavors is the result of my desire to provide a technique for solving process or project delivery implementation challenges. Our team puts a different set of eyes on the process our customer is using then identifies an innovative and efficient way to re-execute through Change Management.

We have demonstrated success across numerous sectors of industry. We know how to get someone or something in the ‘right lane.’ We transform problems into simpler solutions – exponentially!

During the pandemic, we helped businesses adjust quickly and remain resilient to ensure their dream continues to live well!

I look forward to working with you or your team.

Teresa Holmes

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InBusiness Joan and Jody Radio Program

WI Cyber Liaison Officer Statewide

Chair, Madison Digital Technology

Madison Black Chamber Resiliency Award 2021